Building On Bitcoin.

At its heart, Bitcoin Dreaming is a Bitcoin holding entity. Additionally, Bitcoin Dreaming produces original creative content such as ‘The Bitcoin Essays’ and highlights valuable resources for newcomers and veterans alike. Akin to the Bitcoin network it is constructed upon, Bitcoin Dreaming is a digital organism, thriving in cyberspace, delivering value to thousands of active readers like you. The essential content provided here is free to you, dear reader, and always will be. We hope to produce creative content such as Bitcoin Apparel and original Bitcoin Art which will help to spread valuable insights and monetize our brand.

The aspirations of Bitcoin Dreaming stretch as far as the Bitcoin protocol will take us and we are committed to being here with you for the long haul. We thank you for your attention to our materials and we will seek to perpetually honor that attention by producing professional grade Bitcoin content and products. In the end, Bitcoin is the ultimate product & service.. we’re just an entity building on top of a marvelous ecosystem built by humans all around the world. To the moon!

With Love,

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Christian. Footballer. Engineer. Stacking Bitcoin.

Jonathan holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering and an M.B.A. from the University of Kentucky. He is passionate about Bitcoin education, adoption, and philosophy. This personal blog contains ‘The Bitcoin Essays’ which are expounded thought pieces published as addendum to selective Tweets.

These writings are with strict reference to the base layer Bitcoin protocol as presented by Satoshi Nakamoto and as indefinitely maintained and improved in Bitcoin Core. ‘The Bitcoin Essays’ are living documents subject to improvement over time. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are Jonathan’s alone and may or may not be shared by entities associated with him.

Jonathan currently resides in Lexington, KY where he practices engineering and enjoys playing soccer and guitar.